Puppies, part II — 24 Comments

  1. They are just the cutest!!!! Sometimes there’s no need to say anything, just let it go and it’ll turn out just right… You’ll have your hands full for a while.

  2. What fabulous photos!! And two puppies!!! They are indeed the cutest. (Put your shoes away; put your shoes away!)
    Really? All French puppies born this year have to have names beginning with G? Will you respell Bonita’s name with a silent G at the front?

  3. I am simply green with envy! So cute and so healthy and silly! You will be frequently annoyed this first year but what a fun problem to have! Have a mentioned that I adore your husband? Not only is he handy around the house but he is a softie as well. What a great combination!

  4. Ohhh Katie – too friggin adorable! And yes, your are in for a wild ride…at least for the first little while! So darn cute – how could any one resist?

  5. That’s fantastic! And Puppy Passports, too! They are gorgous pups who will grow up to be fantastic dogs — perhaps with a yen to chase (but maybe not kill) rabbits off your place.

  6. I am speechless.
    These puppies are so, so, essence of cuteness!
    You are going to have such fun.
    Now you need to get harness and a little cart. They’ll certainly be big enough to drive you around. 🙂
    What’s the breed?

  7. Awwww, they are adorable! I love how Bonnie informed him he was changing his mind because she said so. LOL. Congrats.

  8. Thanks everyone – on behalf of the puppies. I am in no way responsible for their cuteness. Nor am I responsble for the current state of my floor after the rain yesterday. Still cute, but now, dirty and cute. And so it begins. I think it will be an interesting year.

  9. Oh wow. wow. Two pups! Have to admit I really liked lil white ears. The door frame pic is just too cute! (Showed my petfood husband the pics and the first thing he said was: they will be feeding them XXX Science plan right?)

  10. Baking Soda, I like little white ears too…. But we’re pretty happy with our choices – good thing….
    Lannae, thanks (I think)

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