Weekend Herb Blogging, The Round-Up — 16 Comments

  1. Great entries. I am going to visit every single one. ; o) even if it takes me the whole week. I have already bought the mushrooms to try your beans and mushroom recipe.

  2. Valentina, lots of great ideas this week… and fun reading!
    Thanks for the kind words, Ning.
    Mike, CRACK!!! (goes the whip) Move’em out~
    My pleasure, Ulrike… your turn next?
    Thanks, Glenna, I’m making stuffed peppers soon!
    Val, Hee Haw!!!! (thanks)

  3. Wow! So much! This is my first visit to your blog…I LOVE the round-up! I’m equally overwhelmed and determined to visit each of the sites you shared. Thanks!
    a post about eggplant

  4. Susan, it does seem like it’s getting harder to keep up with everything, doesn’t it? Always so much going on… Thanks for the kind words!
    Kalyn, you’re back at school already!!!!
    Maria, aren’t they cute?
    Crystal, thanks for the kind words, I’m glaf you stopped by for a visit… and thanks for the eggplant!

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